Ashley Madison faces $500 million in lawsuits following hacker attack

The Ashley Madison hack has dominated headlines for more than a week now. Since a group of hackers identifying themselves as “The Impact Team” first released personal information of the site’s users last August 18, many news outlets, websites, and blogs have given their two cents regarding the situation.

Security Breach

A few of the pieces that came out about the Ashley Madison hack focused on the high-profile users that have been discovered through the hack, while others focused on the astounding number of fake accounts and the fraudulent use of the email addresses of individuals that haven’t used the site at all. Now, Wired adds a new angle to the news about the hack, reporting that at least four lawsuits have been filed in the U.S. against the infamous cheating website.

At present, two lawsuits have been filed in California, a third in Texas, and another one was filed in Missouri last July when the Impact Team initially threatened Ashley Madison’s parent company, Avid Life Media. Wired also reports that another suit has been filed in Canada, where operations of Avid Life Media are currently based.

According to Wired, the four lawsuits filed in U.S. are all battling for recognition as class action status. The lawsuits were also filed by anonymous plaintiffs seeking damages due to “breach of contract”, “negligence in protecting customer data,” and “violation of various state privacy laws.” One of the plaintiffs is alleged to be seeking over $500 million in compensation. The lawsuits all assert that Avid Life Media have failed to appropriately protect the personal information of their clients despite knowledge of vulnerabilities in their systems.

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