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Volkswagen to give out cash cards to calm down car owners


In light of an emission scandal that profoundly impacted Volkswagen sales and credibility, reports say the German automaker giant is planning to give out prepaid cards to quell the increasing displeasure among those who have bought the company’s newer line of diesel cars.

According to a report by the NY Times, the company is looking to offer up to $1,250 worth of cash cards to those involved in the emission issue. The first prepaid card, which is worth $500, could be spent for anything. The second prepaid card, valuing between $500 and $750, could only be spent on Volkswagen dealerships. However, it is still unclear whether accepting the cash cards would mean waiving the right to take legal action.

The move came as more and more discontented car owners are filing lawsuit against the company. The plaintiffs are asking for compensation after a significant decrease in the resale value of the affected cars.

Volkswagen is currently under intense criticism after the U.S. Environment Protection Agency announced that the company intentionally equipped its diesel units with a device that could cheat standard emission tests. The automaker says it will set aside $6.7 billion for the recall of the affected cars, hurting its third quarter revenue with a 1.83 billion loss.

Mobile Technology and Client Portals

For attorneys, communication is a crucial part of success.  Computer services targeting lawyers are not a new concept, but there have been many recent changes to the way that attorneys can use applications, such as cloud storage systems, to better their client relationships.  Advances in mobile technology have allowed people to make the most of these services via mobile devices such as iPhones and iPads, allowing both attorneys and clients to access critical information from anywhere with the simple touch of a screen.

Client portals are unique online storage spaces that give attorneys and their clients access to case-relevant documents from any device with an internet connection.  These secure portals can be used to:

  • Share documents
  • Make travel arrangements
  • Answer questions
  • Pay bills
  • Set reminders
  • Request client feedback

By utilizing client portals, law firms have been able to keep clients up-to-date in real time and include them in important discussions.  While this can make cases easier, it also may help to increase client loyalty by helping them feel connected to what’s happening in their case.  Hopefully , this will allow smaller firms that make the most of client portals to better compete with larger firms and improve their ratings in order to grow their business.

Many personal injury law firms have been able to make the most of technological advances in their practice without encountering problems pertaining to security. However, it is important to ensure that the portal service selected has proper security protections in place to safeguard the sensitive information stored in the cloud system.