Controversial Anti-Terror Law May Be Passed Soon in China

Controversial anti-terrorism law in China Anti-Terror-Buttonmay be passed into fruition within the month, a report from Reuters says.

U.S. President Barack Obama has raised concern over this matter himself with Chinese Presiden, Xi Jinping as the proposed law speaks of “backdoors” to be a legal requirement for technology firms. These backdoors would serve as an alternate means for sensitive information, such as classified encrypted keys to the government, to be acquired in the event of a national emergency.

The law has been drafted and proposed in order to combat recent events that have been growing more and more alarming as of late as extremist groups grow bolder and more brutal with every attack. However, those opposed to the law have stated that the requirement would put “unfair regulatory pressure” on other companies, should the law come to pass, the report from Reuters states.

Xinhua, a state news agency in China, has said officials have called that the draft for the law is already at a stage of maturation and that it has been “suggested to be put forward for approval”. The increasingly growing threat of violence at the Western regions of Xinjiang due to violence caused by militants and separatists, which makes officials more and more adamant for the anti-terrorism law, though China denies abuse of rights in Xinjiang.

Domestic and foreign technologies would have to adhere to the protocols demanded by the anti-terrorism law, should it be passed.

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