Ohio Gets Cracking With Creeper Tracking

In Ohio, a state which currently has more than 19,000 registered sex offenders living within its borders, new technology is helping to monitor the actions of these individuals. The office of Ohio’s attorney general has helped to create an online database through which sex offenders can update their information online, speeding up the reporting process and helping law enforcement agencies better track the movements of registered sex offenders at all times.

Even more intriguing is a new mobile app that allows police officers to identify all registered sex offenders within a quarter-mile radius of a sexual assault or missing person investigation. In combination, these two technological tools should allow Ohio law enforcement agencies to more effectively protect the communities under their care. However, many of these new technologies have been controversial among criminal defense lawyers and other parties, who claim that they unduly punish individuals who have been convicted of sex crimes, making it difficult or in some cases, impossible, for them to secure housing, jobs, and other opportunities, even after they have served their sentences in full.

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