Kentucky Clerk’s Refusal to Grant Licenses Causes Discussion

Kim DavisKim Davis, a clerk from Rowan County, was released on the 8th of September after having been sentenced to jail for her refusal to grant marriage licenses to same-sex couples. Davis cited that issuing licenses to same-sex couples would be against her religious beliefs and that it would be against her conscience. She has stated to say that it would be against her beliefs to grant same-sex couples with a license for she is of the belief system that marriage should only be between what she would constitute as a “man” and a “woman”.

It came to light in other reports that Davis had previously granted the marriage license to a couple between a transgender man and a cis female who identifies as pansexual. (In accordance with the beliefs of her religion, the transgender man in question would be, to them, a woman thereby proving that Davis has already, technically, issued a marriage license between a same-sex couple.)

The clerk had served 6 days in prison for her discriminatory defiance though thousands from all over the country went in support of her religious convictions. She has been charged with contempt of the law for her actions and has been told to cease from issuing any further marriage licenses. However, Davis’ camp has stated that she has every intention to keep issuing licenses despite the warnings of US District Judge, David Bunning.

Several others have claimed to contest the legalization of same-sex marriage due on religious grounds. Clark’s defiance is the first openly contemptuous act against the legalization.

Same-sex marriage was legalized in all fifty states of America on the 26th of June 2015.

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